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How to Fix Garbage Disposal Humming But Not Working?

When you turn on your garbage disposal unit, and it kicks into gear with an irritating humming sound once the switch is flipped, it’s a bit alarming at first. This isn’t an uncommon issue, and it doesn’t necessarily need a full unit replacement when it happens either,

How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

There are times when your best garbage disposal unit begins to act funny. Its behavior may shock you or dismay you. Perhaps it turns on randomly or switches off just when it’s grinding through the worst of your food disposal that evening. A grinding sound may be

Do Dishwashers Have Built In Garbage Disposals?

For homeowners who include a dishwasher in their range of kitchen machinery, the question of how useful they are is a tricky one. They duplicate the ability to wash dishes and clean cutlery, just as any chef is able to do for themselves. However, some dishwashers also

Difference Between Continuous Feed vs. Batch Feed Disposals?

If you’re on the hunt for the most efficient garbage disposal unit for your home, you will quickly realize that you have a fundamental choice between two different flavors: • Continuous feed models • Batch feed models There tends to be some initial confusion with consumers who

What Foods Are Safe to Put in a Garbage Disposal?

You might at first believe that your garage disposal unit is an all singing, all dancing destroyer of all things “food-related” but that’s sadly actually not the case. While it is certainly able to handle many types of produce, crunch them down and destroy them more than