General Electric Garbage Disposal 2018 Buyer’s Guide

General Electric in its present form was founded in 1892 when it acquired Edison General Electric and merged with a couple of other companies for good measure. Edison produced the incandescent lamp and other meaningful inventions but ultimately pulled back from running a full-blown business to remain focused on his inventions after that. GE is one of the oldest operating companies in America.

Since this time, GE as it becomes known moved into numerous industries including home consumer products, defense work, turbines, electric tankless water heater and other commercial use. Jack Welch, a former CEO of GE, famously said that if the company is not number one or two in an industry, it should get out of it altogether. And with that in mind, the company successfully markets an exciting range of garbage products for home users with the intention of dominating its space.

We review five models here. They’re all continuous feed, so they work when turned on and are therefore not manually fed food waste to activate them. Their models run from a lower horsepower to a high horsepower with extra features. Their disposal products also tend to be longer and slimmer in design than other models from a brand like KitchenAid that are usually wider and shorter.

Top General Electric Garbage Disposal Review

General Electric GFC520V 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposall

The General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposals a tough little number. It’s a food waste disposer with a half horsepower motor that uses magnets. Weighing 9 pounds and measuring 6.7-inches by 6.9-inches by 15.1-inches, it’s more than twice as deep as it is wide.

The motor delivers 2,800 rpm of grinding to turn hard root vegetables and other tougher items into small, manageable mulch.general electric garbage disposal

The model has a turntable made from galvanized steel to provide durability beyond what most comparable models offer. There is a direct power connection from the disposal to the electricity with this continuous feed model that relies on being turned on to get the grinding process started and won’t stop until it is turned off again. It does not activate when food waste it pushed into the chute.

The model has a good capacity for a smaller garbage disposal. Most of the unit is made from stainless-steel. It has a swivel action that moves either way for convenience when fitting or detaching it. The blades that grind through tough waste are designed not to jam up by getting caught out of position.

The splash guard is removable and avoids jamming. There is also a stopper provided too. GE’s EZ mounting system makes installing easier too.

½ horsepower magnet motor

2,800 rpm action to grind through harder waste

Good capacity for a smaller unit

Easier mounting system to fit the unit

Slimmer and longer

Made of galvanized steel and stainless-steel

Swivels in both directions

Blades designed not to jam up
  Requires more clearance below the sink to fit easily

GE GFC320V 1/3 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposall

The GE GFC320V 1/3 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposall is a conservative little grinder. The minimal one-third horsepower still manages to cut through enough food waste because it maintains a 2,500-rpm speed which is almost up to the ½ horsepower model reviewed above.GE garbage disposal

The product weighs 8.9 pounds and measures 5-inches by 5-inches by 13-inches. The advantage here is that it’s a good 25% slimmer than the previous ½ HP disposal unit and a couple of inches shorter too. For space-confined kitchens with less under sink storage space, the smaller dimensions might just allow this model to fit perfectly.

Galvanized steel is used for the turntable, with stainless-steel and other sturdy materials making up almost all the rest of this almost all black disposal. The unit swivels in both directions to make it easier to access when a kitchen unit door only opens out one way.

It’s a continuous feed type, so the direct power connection is used to turn it on and off as needed. There’s also the usual GE easier mounting system, a stopper, and a useful splash guard too that’s removable to wash it.

Smaller 1/3 horsepower motor

Grinds to 2,500 rpm

Made from stainless-steel and galvanized steel for strength

Simpler mounting system

Two level preparation area before cutting

Shaft partly carbon-steel

Splash guard that comes out for washing and a stopper too

Only 5-inches by 5-inches by 13-inches ensuring this little unit will fit under most sinks

Connects to a dishwasher drain
  Sounds different when grinding waste than other disposals

General Electric GFC530V 1/2 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal

The GE GFC530V Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposal Extra-Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer is a beast. It comes with a 2,800-rpm motor that is capable of slicing its way through most anything.

There is a pre-cutting system that works on two levels to ensure the waste can be chomped through efficiently. The cutting system avoids jams to keep pushing through its task.garbage disposal ge

Stainless-steel is employed here on the sink flange, the turntable and the impellers too (which move in either direction). Carbon-steel is found in the shaft for lightness and strength.

The unit is easy to mount. It’s connected directly to a power outlet. It weighs ten pounds and measures 7.8-inches by 7.8-inches by 13.5-inches making it a big larger than the other models.

It has a good capacity and mounts easily. There’s also a stopper and a splash guard that comes out for cleaning.

½ horsepower motor

Strong 2,800 rpms

Non-jamming blades

Stainless-steel build quality with use of carbon-steel too

Good mounting system

Larger capacity
  Doesn’t have a socket at the bottom or underneath for an Allen wrench to make adjustments

Quite noisy; pets won’t like it when it’s turned on

General Electric GFC720V 3/4 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposall

The General Electric GFC720V 3/4 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposall is a stronger model with a 3,100 rpm to get through produce faster and better than slower models.

The unit weighs more at 12 pounds and measures 8.5-inches by 8.5-inches by 14.5-inches making it a space hog under the sink. The larger capacity is certainly useful though when pushing a lot of food waste from a larger family down the chute.

The usual high standards are applied to materials including carbon-steel on the shaft, stainless-steel for the turntable and sink flange too. It also resists jamming in much the same way that the earlier models do.

Mounting is easier enough. There’s a stopper to remove before use and a splash guard to prevent unwanted items being fed into the machine by mistake. Both are removable for cleaning.

  ¾ horsepower motor

  3,100 rpm for powerful grind ability

Higher capacity to handle greater volume in the same amount of time

Good mounting system makes it easier to fit

Stopper and splash guard provided

  Made from stainless-steel, carbon-steel and galvanized steel for durability
  Noisy during use

General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal

The General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal is a replacement part of a GE disposal system.

The product measures 6.7-inches by 6.9-inches by 15.1-inches and weighs 8 pounds.General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal

This model should be fitted by a professional unless you are already confident that a) it’ll fit your sink arrangement and b) that you know how to do so.

Replacement disposal unit from GE

6.7-inches by 6.9-inches by 15.1-inches

Weighs 8 pounds

Best to get fitted by a professional
  Make sure this is the right part of your replacement to avoid disappointment

Final Word’s:- 

General Electric has been making garbage disposal units under their distinctive Disposal brand for over a decade. As such, homeowners often find they are replacing a previous Disposal unit with a new one and stick to the same brand because they know what they’re getting.

The models reviewed run from 1/3 horsepower up to ¾ horsepower with greater capacity. They’re continuous feed, not batch feed models all, so they need to be turned on before they’ll work and then turned off when you’re done. They will not respond to waste being pushed inside the machine by turning it on automatically; that’s a batch feed process.

The parts are mostly made from steel of one kind or another. That doesn’t mean you cannot get one of the two impellers snapping off which cost more to replace than buying a new unit in most cases. So, care must be taken about what kinds of waste produce gets fed down the chute and what is not. Read the instructions that come with the product (of finding them on the GE Appliance site) to be sure what the chosen model will and won’t grind up successfully and safely.

There is a stopper and splash guard present on each of the garbage disposal unit that stops fingers going into the unit when it’s turned off. These can also be removed and cleaned with a minimum of effort.